Coal Briquetting

Biomass Briquettes Machine has a large piston which carries out the task of grinding, compressing and extruding the biomass to for briquettes. These are formed in cylindrical logs of wastage raw material by compression without uses any chemical. These briquetting machines are basically used to deal with waste material excreted by many industries after the process of product manufacturing has been completed.

Briquette Factory

With the invention of Briquette Equipment or a Briquette Machines  it showed a considerable level of relief of the worrisome situation for the industries as they are affecting the environment in varied ways which was not at all acceptable and viable too by the government of the respective nation. Biomass briquettes are a renewable source of energy and help reduce the carbon content in the atmosphere.

There are many Briquetting Machine Manufacturers available in the world, but the main question here specifically for industries is that choosing the best Briquetting machine  manufacturer in the industry at a better price. Then Briquetting Machine manufacturer should be chosen as per the level of expertise and the level of experience a firm is having in serving potential customers with delivering quality Briquetting Machine.

Briquette Manufacturers creating eco friendly energy

Due to the rapid increase in the need of energy source ,more people start to become interested in briquette manufacturers  business. Biomass pellets are renewable, drum magnetic co-friendly energy especially for agricultural countries.

There are plenty of companies who are switching to fossil fuel from coal briquette to cut the cost of their production. Easy accessibility of briquette machines  is really a boon for manufacturing units where fuel is required during the manufacturing process. Use of biomass pellets  in place of other kind of fuel is a win-win situation for everyone. On one hand, where a business person is incurring less cost on his production, and on the other the farmer is also supplementing its income by selling the residue (hay) of his yield.

Design of Machine a Briquette for coal Briquettes

By using biomass coal briquette technology instead of the traditional fuel material like coal, we can get a higher calorific value, this technology is increasingly being used in the developing world as another option as to charcoal.

Coal briquetting investment is a best project to generate revenue from agro forestry waste and to produce green energy to protect the  global environment .the awareness of using eco-friendly & non- convention bio-coal/ bio-fuel is increasing day to day due to the increasing of the conventional fuel cost.

Due to the rapid increase in the need of energy source ,more people start to become interested in briquette manufacturers  business. Biomass pellets are renewable, drum magnetic co-friendly energy especially for agricultural countries.

Our Model

biomass briquetting plant
Pride Service of Successfully 20 Years in briquetting Press manufacturing field

Benefits of “Jumbo 90″ 1500 Kg / hr Model

  • Raw materials upto 25mm size can be used without Grinding
  • Raw Materials like Bagasse, ground nut shells, castor seed shells, saw dust, wheat grass, rice husk (paddy husk), Mustered Shells, Jira Straw are not required to be grinded
  • Since these raw materials do not required grinding, there is no need of “SIZEING UP” (Grinding) which helps to save power & labour expenses
  • The product cost of “JUMBO 90″ (1500 Kg/hr), production is Rs. 530=00 per mt. While production cost is Rs. 550=00 per MT in the in super – 70 (750 kg/hr)
  • Two super – 70 machines will require 120 H.P. of power and will produce 1500 Kg/Hr while “Jumbo 90 ” can produces 1600 Kg/Hr with the power requirements of 91H.P. only
  • Operating two super 70 models will require 2 skilled and 7 to 8 unskilled labors which is same as ” JUMBO 90″ model
  • Hence production cost is reduced by 35-40 % and operation efficiency is increased against operating two super 60 models

Briquetting Plant

High profitability on investment

Short gestation and quick pay back

100% Depreciation on plant and machineries during first year.

NO pollution as it does not emit phosphorous and Sulphur fumes and contains law ash content

A New Concept for better Investment…


Briquetting plant is technology to convert all types of agriculture, forestry and industrial waste into solid fuel. Briquettes are formed in cylindrical logs using high mechanical pressure without the use of chemical or binder. The product is a replacement to conventional fossil fuels and can be used across various manufacturing facilities such as boilers, furnaces and kilns. Bio-Briquette is an eco-friendly solid biofuel which helps to reduces pollution, contributing to greener environment and save worthy foreign exchange. Briquetting works on the basic concept of Wealth from Waste. Agricultural waste is converted to solid biofuel by farmers by installing of the Briquetting plant. The briquettes are used for energy generation helping farmers to earn money from the waste. Our model “JUMBO-90″ works on the world renowned binderless technology.

Economic Feasibility & Profitability

This project of briquetting plant have major advantages as follow:

  1. Farmers earn money by selling agro waste of every crop & are thus renewable.
  2. High profitability.
  3. Excellent growth potential
  4. Wide variety, easy availability, supply of agro waste of every crop & are thus renewable.
  5. Product can be easily Marketed.
  6. Early Pay Back Period.
  7. Employment Potentiality is very high.
  8. Maintenance of ecological balance & Conversion of natural resources.
  9. Saving of foregin currency.

Incentives / Promotional Steps By Government

To promote this project govt. of India has announced series of incentives for putting up such plants of the entreprencurs engaged in developing alternative energy source.

The Major Incentives Are:

  1. 100% Depreciation:
    Total value of plant and Machinery is allowed to be depreciated in the first year. Under Section : Solid
    agro waste
  2. Excise Exemption:
    Solid fuel briquettes are completely exempted from excise duty.
  3. Sales Tax : Exemption:
    Several States have exempted solid fuels briquette from sales Tax.
  4. Benefits of Priority Sector:
    Energy being priority sector & considering the cost of project benefits of SSI & Priority Sector are
    (-2-) In addition to above incentives being offered by Govt. It is seen that Govt. has taker this project
    on their top most priority and considering of more incentives to the enterpreneurs Considering the
    above factor, we strongly recommend this project to be installed in you area
  5. Benefits of Income Tax
    100% INCOME TAX exemption for first five years under section 80 JJA clause 51

    Industrial Use of Briquettes Commonly known as white Coal is in many industrial like.

    1. Brick Kilns
    2. Ceramic Units
    3. Paper Mills
    4. Spinning Mills
    5. Solvent Extraction Plants
    6. Chemical Plants Food Processing Units
    7. Dryer And Ovens For Generation Of Hot Air.
    8. Milk Plant & Dairy
    9. Bakery Industry
    10. Leather Industry
    11. Rubber Industry
    12. Laminate Industry
    13. Dyeing House
    14. Vegetables Plant
    15. Textile Mills
    16. Process Houses And Many Other Commercial And Domestic Uses.
      And Now In Bio Electric Power Plants & Distilleries.




When moisture% are more then 10 to 12% in raw materials. Hot air dryer is required to reduce moisture contain % from raw material.

Radhe Indutrial Corporation

RADHE INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION was promoted under strong, dynamic and very well experienced leadership of Mr. Prakash A. Patel the principal of the firm has been actively engaged in this field for over one and half decade and have final installation, RADHE INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION’s focus is on the customer. The only true measure of our own “ Success is the degree to which we are able to contribute to the excellence of our customers needs through manufacturing easy to operate world class technological product through economical and cost effective practices.

Company has engaged large team of well experienced engineers and supervisors to keep constant watch on each and every stage of production.