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biomass briquetting plant
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Benefits of “Jumbo 90″ 1500 Kg / hr Model

  • Raw materials upto 25mm size can be used without Grinding
  • Raw Materials like Bagasse, ground nut shells, castor seed shells, saw dust, wheat grass, rice husk (paddy husk), Mustered Shells, Jira Straw are not required to be grinded
  • Since these raw materials do not required grinding, there is no need of “SIZEING UP” (Grinding) which helps to save power & labour expenses
  • The product cost of “JUMBO 90″ (1500 Kg/hr), production is Rs. 530=00 per mt. While production cost is Rs. 550=00 per MT in the in super – 70 (750 kg/hr)
  • Two super – 70 machines will require 120 H.P. of power and will produce 1500 Kg/Hr while “Jumbo 90 ” can produces 1600 Kg/Hr with the power requirements of 91H.P. only
  • Operating two super 70 models will require 2 skilled and 7 to 8 unskilled labors which is same as ” JUMBO 90″ model
  • Hence production cost is reduced by 35-40 % and operation efficiency is increased against operating two super 60 models