Renewable Briquette Plant Project Report

The renewable biomass briquetting plant plays an important role in the global economy. The project report also says that the biomass briquette plant is useful manufacturing technology which provides renewable fuel from bio waste and contributes in creation of healthy environment. Therefore, this renewable eco-friendly project is also encouraged by the Indian government.

        The development of any country depends on their economic growth, but due to pollution and other hazardous effects, some developing countries are failed to achieve this goal. The rapid use of the traditional fuels like lignite, coal, wood, oil in the industries results in the obstacle in the development of global economy. So, this briquetting plant project offers renewable bio fuel briquettes for protecting our universe and saving our natural resources.

Green Briquetting Plant Project          The biomass briquetting plant project provides high quality briquette machines for the fuel briquette production. The agricultural waste materials and other bio residues are converted in to the solid cylindrical bio fuel using the latest eco-friendly binder less mechanism. The briquetting press machine with this unique feature that it manufactures briquettes with no requirement of the binding or chemicals. Only using high compression and heat, the briquettes are produced in the briquette press. So, this eco-friendly project is more suitable for the agricultural based developing countries.

Raw Materials needed:

             The raw materials mostly used in the biomass briquetting press are agricultural crop waste like rice husk, pine needles, wheat husk, bagasse, coffee husk, cotton stalks, bamboo dust, ground nut shells, coconut shells, sawdust, almond shells, forestry leaves, bark etc. Such biomass materials up to 25mm size and moisture content below 10% are directly used for making briquettes.

Competitive Advantages of the briquetting plant project:

  • High profitability
  • Variety of raw materials are easily available in vast quantity
  • Ready market
  • Quick revenue generation
  • 100% tax free for the first 5 years
  • Eco-friendly project, so no need of NOC from pollution control board

             The environmental benefits of using briquettes over coal includes low ash and gas production while burning, easy to handle and transport, high density, low ignition point, low moisture, cheap rate, efficient combustion and no health hazards. So, there are many industries which prefer the cheap renewable briquettes than coal for heat and steam. Therefore, the biomass briquetting plant manufacturer has brighter future as the briquettes has rising demand in the market at present.

                So, this briquette press project is cost-effective renewable eco project for saving future of renewable energy and environment.

Biomass Briquette Plant Provides Sustainable Heating Initiative

The briquette plant provides sustainable energy fuel briquettes to generate heat and energy. The biomass briquette plant has an ability to turn the biomass waste materials that would otherwise have been burned or left to decompose in to a sustainable energy source called briquettes.

                The biomass briquetting plant project is an important technology useful to move towards creating a low carbon economy. The use of fossil fuels is not sustainable because the fossil fuels are non renewable energy source. The regular use of such non renewable energy resources causes the environmental harm and other perilous effects like greenhouse and global warming. But the bio fuel briquettes can reduce all such dangerous effects as they burn without producing cinders and greenhouse gases.

Biomass briquette plant

                While the finished product briquettes manufactured using the biomass briquette press equipments is successfully used as alternative fuel in many developing countries. The steady and reliable energy fuel briquettes are produced using the latest green binder less briquette machines. The eco-friendly briquette plant helps in manufacturing of A1 quality energy resource from loose biomass waste materials at very cheap rate. So, these bio fuel briquettes are the cheapest substitute of all energy fuels used in the industries.

             The bio fuel briquettes also called white coal or agro-waste briquettes offer other significant benefits like improving forest health, increasing the boiler efficiency, offering the most demandable renewable energy source and protecting air quality. The cost effective briquetting plant is a solution to reduce the disposal of harmful biomass waste and to stop the use of natural resources being used as fuels. So, the briquette plant manufacturer helps in saving our natural energy sources by providing environment friendly alternative energy fuel.

              Hence, the fuel briquette is an important fuel used worldwide for making our globe pollution free and green. Higher energy capacity and long burning time are two main advantages due to which the briquettes become more suitable for larger commercial/industrial systems. So, the bio coal briquettes are sustainable fuel serving many environmental and consumer benefits as compared to other sources of energy.

Effective Energy Utilization through Biomass Briquette Plant

The biomass briquette plant makes proper use of the biomass residues by converting them into the high energetic fuel briquettes. To utilize energy present in the biomass devastate materials, biomass briquetting technology present in the briquette plant is used.

                The biomass briquetting plant provides the eco-friendly way to gain total energy from the biomass residues coming from the agricultural crops and forestry. In other words, the biomass briquette plant is the energy conservative technology which provides solid fuel briquettes from worthless biomass waste materials. So, this technology is helpful in saving energy as well as protecting our global environment from pollution.

BIomass Briquette Plant for energy saving

                In many agricultural based developing nations, the biomass waste materials are generated in ample quantity. Such waste materials cause air and land pollution. Also, the rising traditional fuels prices make people to find the effective energy alternative. So, the need of recycling and reusing the biomass waste materials is raised for the energy future saving. The biomass briquetting technology is the only way to provide such energy alternative at cheaper rate.

                The biomass briquettes are the energy efficient fuel made from the eco-friendly biomass briquette machines. The briquette press machine compresses the biomass waste materials with high pressure and heat. Due to high compression and heat, the biomass residues are combined and make a high density coal briquette which has low moisture content. This whole briquetting process is done without using any type of binding substance or chemicals. So, the biomass briquetting press project is eco-friendly manufacturing project.

            Due to high energy value and low moisture content, the briquettes offer long burning time and easy to burn features. Due to fix shape and size, the bio fuel briquettes are easy to store and transport. Such eco-friendly briquette burns without emitting ash and hazardous gases. So, the main benefit of using briquettes to the industries is that they can earn the carbon credits. Also, the briquettes can save the manufacturing cost of the industrial boiler by increasing boiling efficiency. This coal briquette also used in the household applications in place of wood.

           So, the biomass briquette plant is responsible for providing efficient energy resource and effective energy utilization present in the biomass materials.

Production of Eco fuel Briquettes Using Briquette Plant

To meet the energy consumption requirements, the biomass briquette plant provides eco-friendly fuel briquettes. Such environment friendly briquettes are the made using the eco-friendly binder less technology called biomass briquetting.

                With the help of biomass briquetting plant, conservation of our precious environment as well as meeting energy requirements is possible. The biomass briquettes are highly flammable white coal, made from the low bulky biomass waste materials from the agriculture and forestry. As in the developing countries like India, whopping quantity of agricultural waste is produced. So, such type of waste is converted in to the eco-friendly energy fuel briquettes by briquette press.

Eco-friendly briquette

                By converting all biomass agricultural waste materials in to the eco-friendly energy resource briquettes, the briquetting machines help in reducing environmental pollution. The use of conventional coals in the thermal power plants generates high levels of polluters and greenhouse gases. But the use of bio coal briquettes in such manufacturing power plants and industries can reduce the possibilities of the greenhouse gas emissions.  So, the use of the biomass briquettes in the industries is more beneficial for the environment.

                   With rising concern for global warming, the government is also encouraging the use of the green energy fuels instead of fossil fuels. The biomass briquette press is the only solution to provide the biodegradable alternative energy resource at cheaper rate. As the agro-waste briquette can be used as an alternative to charcoal, firewood and wood pellets, it helps in protecting our natural energy resources and stops the deforestation.

                The biomass briquettes are made from the green biomass raw materials; they are safe for direct burning and are easy to use. The eco fuel briquettes offer the high energy than any other coal. Also they can increase the boiler efficiency along with the reduction of the boiling cost. So, the briquettes are the sustainable cost-effective eco fuel able to deliver high thermal efficiency with keeping surroundings clean.