Briquetting Plant – An Eco Friendly Energy Solution

Biomass briquetting plant is the eco friendly energy solution to solve all environmental issues like global warming, CO2 emissions, environmental degradation etc… Biomass waste or agro forestry waste are compressed into briquette machine and produce high energy concentrated bio fuel briquettes without adding any binder in the process.

Biomass briquette plant uses Agricultural waste like groundnut shells, almond shells, cumin waste, tea husk, rice husk etc… as raw materials and feed into biomass briquette press under high chemical pressure and temperature and turn into briquettes without using any binder in the process. So It is known as binder less technology and briquettes called white coal briquettes.

Today, biomass is that the new supply of energy and utilized in numerous industries for its own functions. Briquetting project is growing in demand because of its surroundings friendly aspects that helps in protecting atmosphere from pollution and heating.

briquette press machine

Today, with the approaching from biomass briquetting press it’s possible to form use of waste and build associate in nursing alternate provide of fuel that’s understood as bio-fuel. It’s gathered from biomass and convention fuel because of that the habituation on high-ticket fuel has lessened. Biomass briquettes are generally utilized in spinning mills, animal product trade, rubber trade, ceramic units, brick kilns, milk and dairy plant, textile mills and geographic point trade.

According to environmentalists, this fuel generated from wastes may be a pleasant provide of monetary gain for poor farmers Republic of India as a results of this nation still lives in villages. The farmers can earn an honest gain from cotton stalks, groundnut shells and different agricultural wastes. Some Indian villages still do not have electricity and board darkness thus energy could also be created with the help of briquetting plant makers.

As an example, elephantine BRQ generates high volume of fine quality stuff in powder kind through its hammer mill that’s extra processed to form biomass briquettes. It’s been designed to administer most output, with a crucial body and traditional structure.

Don’t Burn Agricultural Waste, Use Briquette Machine Instead.!

Every passing year, produced agricultural waste or biomass waste is either burnt or left unused causing air pollution.  Biomass briquetting is the process of recycling these bio waste into Eco friendly renewable energy briquettes and make a green environment around us.

Briquetting technology has become a reliable supply of energy throughout the planet. It’s in nice demand each in developed and developing world. The technology is reasonable and doesn’t need immense quantity of capital to line up. Moreover, the stuff is definitely offered and is of no shortage. Several countries have seriously taken it and area unit giving each doable support for setting the biomass briquetting project.

briquette plant machineA briquetting project is heavily depends on the biomass stuff that consists of agro forestry waste and biomass waste. The briquetting plant is ready up in keeping with the provision of stuff. The standard of stuff is crucial and can have an effect on the performance of the merchandise to an outsized extent. To induce the best quality of ultimate product like briquettes and biodiesel, crops like wheat, sugarcane, mustard and corn that area unit staple food for human. This is often wherever the large drawback arises and may produce a large number if not managed properly.

The use of food grains for producing biomass briquettes may be a threat to the food provide of the planet. Very important crops like wheat and mustered is in nice demand within the briquetting trade as they’re thought of manufacturing briquettes. By doing this it’ll have a negative impact on the provision of sugar made of it. The costs of sugar area unit sure to rise and this is often same is applied to alternative food crops like wheat etc. Countries like Brazil area unit victimization hectares of land growing sugarcane for the aim of victimization them to supply biodiesel. Within the us, wheat is big singly for his or her use in briquette plant.

To make clean, green and environment friendly environment briquette machines are the perfect for that. Recycling with briquetting machine project is easy and Eco friendly way to recycle bio waste materials.

What Is Briquetting Plant And How It Works?

What is Briquetting Plant?

Briquette Plant is a machine that converts agro forestry waste, biomass waste into biomass briquettes, which is widely accepted in varied industries for its biggest advantages like economical and environment friendly.

Radhe Industrial Corporation is manufacturing and exporting briquetting plant since 21 years. We are expert in manufacturing jumbo90 briquette machine which has capacity of 950kg/hr and produce 90mm dia briquettes whereas Super70 briquette machine which has capacity of 750kg/hr and produce 70mm dia. Briquettes. Both machines are best in features and have excellent quality to produce bio fuel without adding any binding agent.

Biomass Briquetting Plant

At current in India binder less briquetting technology is most trendy & successful. To adapt this eco-friendly briquetting machine technology is very suitable for Indian region according to the features of raw material available from several in different seasons. In India, mostly Soya Shell, Coir pith, Bark, Bagasse, Cashew Shell, Cotton Stalk, Rice Husk, Wheat Straw, Coconut Shell, Tobacco waste, Castor Seed Shell, Food Grain Waste, Coconut Shell, Groundnut Shell, Mustard Husk, Coffee Shell these types of raw materials are available to make briquettes.

Above mentioned raw materials are different in terms of moisture and size. If the size of raw material is less then 20mm then it can be used directly, but if the size is greater than 20mm then cutting process is required through our combo crusher machine. And if raw material is having moisture then, dryer is needed. After this process now raw material is ready to feed into briquetting machine to make biomass briquettes.

Features Of Briquetting Plant

  • High production capacity
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Easy to operate
  • No air pollution
  • High density of finished product
  • Lowest production cost
  • Heavy structured with standard design
  • Eco-friendly technology

Use this renewable fuel manufacturing project called briquette press machine to keep environment healthy and safe.

Briquetting Plant Is Green Technology To Make Fuel From Waste

After independence there is large increase in the volume of industries so that urbanisation take place and we can avoid many problems like poverty, unemployment and many others.  But due to that pollution increase and it create adverse impact on environment. So there is a need to use renewable energy source like wind energy, biomass energy and tidal energy.  There are mainly two reason which increase pollution first one is waste and another one is excessive use of fuel. So briquette machine manufacturer present a technology which convert waste into usable fuel which replace coal and lignite.

Why The demand of the briquette is increasing?

In our daily life thousand tons of waste material is discharged but we do not know that how to utilise that waste so we burnt it which cause pollution but biomass briquette machine through we can utilise that waste efficiently. All the divested material is collected and compressed under high pressure without using ash so it is binder less technology to make briquettes.  Biomass briquette is also known as white coal because it does not spread ash when it burns. Briquette plant is one of the best way which gives maximum energy within a short time.

Briquette is non-convectional source of energy and it is ready substitute of coal and lignite which is used in many industries like brick, ceramic industry, metal industry and many other. Due to easy availability of raw material biomass briquette machine is now in demand.

biomass briquttes

This project is renewable in nature and Gov. Offers subsidy on this project. Farming is backbone of our economy so availability of raw material is higher and this project is profitable because it gives maximum profit within a short time. So set up briquette plant a get advantage of it.

Biomass Briquetting Plant Would Help Us To Achieve Green Targets

The fuel briquette is economically viable, simple to use and environmentally appropriate fuel seen in each industries nowadays. Initially, the country people started the employment of biomass waste, however the direct usage of this waste cause the world pollution. Whereas because of forest and agriculture activities, the waste biomass area unit made in great deal.

The bio fuel briquettes area unit the economically viable and environmentally appropriate fuel found in each industries today. Initially, the agricultural folks started the employment of biomass substances, however the direct use of them result into the world pollution. Whereas because of agricultural and biology activities, the bio waste area unit generated in ample amount. So, there’s a requirement to utilise and cut back such bio trash to save lots of our earth. So, by victimisation the biomass briquetting plant material referred to as block, clean energy and electricity demands area unit glad.

briquetting plant

Today, the rising use of fossils in daily heating applications created a daring heating result. That’s why the bio fuels area unit are available in to the image as they’ll save our precious and valuable atmosphere from the world warming effects. The white coal is that the best thanks to conserve the energy and forestall the hazards to secure our future. So, this biomass briquetting press is convenient for atmosphere through the most recent quality different is obtained at lower rate.

The biomass waste area unit turned in to the renewable fuel through the eco method referred to as briquetting or compression. This method is binder free, that don’t omit any harmful chemicals which is why this procedure is place into the class of “Eco-friendly”. Hence, the clean atmosphere and eco-cycle equalization target is achieved by putting in place a biomass briquetting machine. The biomass waste is well getting used and recycled for the energy purpose through this inexperienced technology.

Energy Saving & Environment Friendly Biomass Briquette Plant

With the increasing demand of energy we need to think about new alternative source which fulfil this large demand and able to meet future need also. So briquette plant manufacturer present a modern technique which provide maximum energy with low cost. Yes briquetting machine through we can make briquettes which are non-polluting in nature and contains more burning efficiency than coal and other traditional source of energy.  Briquettes are made from loose biomass like agricultural waste and forestry waste like dry leaves and coconut shell. Any type of agricultural waste we can use in biomass briquetting machine.

All the agricultural waste is collected and compressed under high pressure without using ash so it is binder less technology to make briquettes. As briquette is ecological so it is also known as white coal. We get loose biomass in our daily life but this loose biomass contains low bulk density so we cannot move it from one place o another place but briquette machine convert this low density material into high density briquettes.  These briquettes are easy to store and very easy to pack.

briquetting machine

The traditional source like coal and lignite is near to end and in this modern era it is very difficult to run any activity without fuel. There is large gap between demand and supply of fuel so briquetting machine fill that gap and provide abundance source of energy with law cost. So this is energy saving plant.

As this project is renewable in nature so gov. offers 30 to 35 % subsidy on this project. These briquettes can also be used to heat boilers and for cooking purpose also.  And the natural energy source like wood and coal can be preserved. So we can say that briquette plant help us to create green earth and 100& pollution free.

How Briquette Machine Helps In Providing Affordable Energy?

The recycling is the method of using waste materials rather it is household or industrial waste. This recycling is not only help in earning money but also conservatrion of resources on the earth. Therefore, we can say that the recycling is a green technique to reuse, reduce and recycle the waste and getting something best for human as well as environment. Such kind of recycling concept is used in the briquetting machine.

The recycling process used in the biomass briquetting machines is called biomass briquetting. This process make you sure that the recycling of waste materials is done without doing harm to environment. The two kind of waste are bio degradable and non-bio degradable waste. Both type of waste make harm to environment in one or other way. The bio-degradable waste is used for such kind of briquetting process.

Large amount of bio degradable waste like agricultural crop waste, forestry waste and other bio waste like saw dust, etc. are used and recycled. Such biomass waste is being used in briquette plant machines for manufacturing bio briquettes that also help in meeting energy needs of small-scale business and industries. Due to the use of briquettes, such small scale industries can also contribute in saving global economy.

biomassbriquetting plant

The briquetting plant supplier offers the extra-ordinary plant machines through that the large amount of bio waste can be converted to briquettes in short time without need of more labour requirements and binding chemicals. The briquettes have high potential to generate energy compared to any of fuels. Also , with the help of briquetting machine product, the land pollution and erosion is reduced and hence the land fertility can be increased. So, it is the first choice of industries and is become a concern topic for the environmentalist.

Through this green briquetting press technique, the waste which contribute greatly in polluting our environ and land, water or earth, is being used again and energy remain in them utilized safely for the fuelling purpose. Moreover, this whole process of converting and recycling is economical and at last, the affordable energy fuel is supplied to each and every industries and plants where the black coals and other traditional fuels are used. Through the briquetting of waste process, we can get plenty of benefits like, earn profit, contribute in earth saving, get cheap rate fuel for energy, stop deforestation and can stop the global warming by preventing emissions of GHGs.

So, it is our responsibility to save fuel as well as environment for our future. So, be green and make the reuse of waste to create green ambiance. Install the briquetting machine for generating green power in an affordable way.

Biomass Briquette Plant Is A Key To Save Energy Future

To fulfill the energy requirements, the easy solution is to use biomass briquettes made from the biomass briquette plant. At present, the renewable fuels are in great demand and due to the rising traditional fuel prices leads to think over the renewable and cost-effective alternative energy option to meet the energy demands.

biomass briquette plant is a key to save energy future

                The biomass briquettes manufacture from the agricultural and forestry biomass waste using the briquette press machine are highly energetic bio fuel replaces all the current fuels. As the biomass waste has no more profitable use, so rather than inefficiently burning, they can be converted into a high densified fuel briquette to make them globally usable. The waste materials from agro-crops and forestry are easily available in the huge quantity in many developing countries. So, the biomass briquette plant can control the environmental pollution by  making solid fuel from the trash.

                The biomass briquette plant is a “nature friendly technology” to produce an economically feasible energy resource called agro-waste briquettes. As briquettes are made from the natural residues without using any kind of chemical, it does not cause any harm to our climate while burning. Due to briquetting plants, many problems like soil erosion, pollution of air, waste management, etc. are decreased. Also, the considerable thing is that along with these advantages, biomass briquettes generates more energy than any other fuel or energy resource while burning. Hence, many industries prefer to use this green fuel instead of coal.

                The biomass briquettes are eco-friendly as they do not produce ash and harmful gas emissions like Co2, sulfur and phosphor. So, the eco-cycle of the nature remains balanced by using the fuel briquettes. This renewable and sustainable briquette can be used in the industrial boilers for gasification, heat and electrical energy production. Also, we can use the biomass briquettes in our daily life for cooking and heating purposes. So, use the renewable fuel manufacturing project called biomass briquette plant project for future saving purpose.

Replace Fossil Fuels With The Help Of Briquette Plant Fuels

The fossil fuel pollutes our environment by one or more ways. Also, there is a shortage of the natural resources and fossil fuels. So, there is a need of renewable resource which can be globally used as a fuel for all kinds of thermal applications. The biomass briquette plant is used to generate such renewable fuel that replaces all the vestige fuels.biomass briquettes

The biomass briquetting plant is the energy efficient technology that offers the highest quality energy source briquette that has too many advantages as compared to non-conventional fuels. The fuel brickets are made from the non-profitable and loose biomass waste and residues of agro-crops. In the high pressure and temperature conditions, the bio-waste and residues are combined without using any binding element or chemical in the briquette press machine. The briquette manufacturing technology supports contamination free production of the conservative energy resource briquette. So, both briquette and its manufacturing project or we can say that briquette plant is nature friendly.

Nowadays, the biomass briquette becomes the most wanted and demanded energy resource due to its impressive features. Some important advantages of using the white coal briquettes are as follows:

  •  Consistent & Reliable quality
  •  Best burning efficiency
  •  No left out of fly ash while burning
  •  Simple usage and handling
  •  No sulfur or phosphor content
  •  Uniform combustion
  •  Cheaper than other fuels

Due to these awesome characteristics, the biomass briquettes are found in many industries. The ready applications of the green fuel biomass briquettes involve the industries like food processing industries, solvent extraction plants, brick kiln and ceramic industries, refractory industries, milk and sugar plants, paper plants, textile and dyeing units, biomass based power plants, lamination and leather industries, chemical industries, etc. Hence, the fuel briquettes have a great demandable future because of its two splendid features, one is renewable and second is pollution free. So, we can conclude that the biomass briquettes have an ability to replace all the traditional fuels.

Sustainable Energy Production Through Biomass Briquette Plant

The increased use of conventional sources of energy in the industrial sector has led to the worsening of the environment and also has caused stress on the current supply of conservative fuel from the nature. To reach the demand of the sustainable energy resources, the biomass briquette plant provides the eco-friendly and economical solution.

briquette plant

                The developing countries like India having Agro-based economy, rich supply of biomass has created options of producing renewable and economic alternate fuel in the form of biomass briquette that is both sustainable and easily available to run the industries. The briquette plant manufactures bio fuel briquettes from the agricultural waste and forestry residues with using environmentally friendly equipments. The briquette press machine used in the manufacturing process of briquettes prefers a binder less technology for the briquette production. It doesn’t necessitate any kind of binding chemical in whole manufacturing process.

                The output product of the biomass briquette plant is high quality and sustainable energy fuel briquettes which are an excellent replacement for all the fossil fuels like oil and coal. The renewable briquettes are used in many industries for heating boilers and electricity generation without flying ash generation. The white coal briquettes are serving as a sustainable source of energy that also avoids adding fossil carbon, which is the main pollutant of the atmosphere. Hence, a number of industries in developing countries have switched from oil to bio fuel briquettes to save costs on boiler fuels. Also, in the southern part of India,  the use of biomass briquettes has become the predominant source of energy.

                The use of biomass briquettes can get carbon credits for reducing the emissions in the environment. The energy fuel briquettes also offer more calorific value and save approximately 30-40 % of the boiler fuel cost. Also briquettes are cheaper fuel than any other fuels. Hence, the use of this sustainable fuel briquette saves the precious natural resources, reduces the greenhouse gases, controls pollution and keeps the environment healthy.