How To Convert Agro-Waste To Energy Source?

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Using the agro-waste materials, a high quality energy fuel can be produced using the biomass briquette plant. The white coal briquettes made from the green residues and waste materials from the agriculture. As the biomass is a multipurpose and versatile energy resource, it becomes the fourth primary energy resource in the world. So, the biomass waste can be easily recycled and managed by the briquetting plant.

briquetting plant

Also, the top most issues in most of the developing nations like handling waste, soil and air pollution due to waste, decreasing the natural resources and increasing pollution through fossil fuels. So, to overcome such kind of the problems, a sole and best technology called biomass briquette plant exists. The technology employed in the briquette plant is known as biomass briquetting. The briquetting machines utilize the agricultural waste materials like cotton flowers and stalks, ground nut shells, bittle nut shells, macoddana bhells, cumin waste, almond shells, castor seed shells etc.. The briquette press machine directly converts all these residues into the energy conservative fuel briquettes. There is no requirement of the binding chemicals in whole briquetting technology.

Depending upon the key quality features of the feedstock, like moisture content, ash content and calorific value, the biomass briquette machine produces the bio fuel briquettes without generating noise and pollutary gases. So, we can say that biomass briquetting plant is the eco-friendly converting technology that turns solid crop-waste into the high quality briquettes. This briquetting plant technology preserves the surrounding and the natural sources of energy like tree wood by generating the pollution free biomass briquettes. High calorific thermal energy value and low ash and moisture content are most important features provided by the biomass briquettes. These characteristics show that the briquettes can easily replace any kind of fossil fuels.

Being the cheapest alternative fuel, the agro-waste briquettes provide the high burning efficiency and less storage and transportation efforts. So, use the briquetting press project to stop the pollution caused through waste and residues and to get high energetic bio fuel like briquette.