Energy Saving & Environment Friendly Biomass Briquette Plant

With the increasing demand of energy we need to think about new alternative source which fulfil this large demand and able to meet future need also. So briquette plant manufacturer present a modern technique which provide maximum energy with low cost. Yes briquetting machine through we can make briquettes which are non-polluting in nature and contains more burning efficiency than coal and other traditional source of energy.  Briquettes are made from loose biomass like agricultural waste and forestry waste like dry leaves and coconut shell. Any type of agricultural waste we can use in biomass briquetting machine.

All the agricultural waste is collected and compressed under high pressure without using ash so it is binder less technology to make briquettes. As briquette is ecological so it is also known as white coal. We get loose biomass in our daily life but this loose biomass contains low bulk density so we cannot move it from one place o another place but briquette machine convert this low density material into high density briquettes.  These briquettes are easy to store and very easy to pack.

briquetting machine

The traditional source like coal and lignite is near to end and in this modern era it is very difficult to run any activity without fuel. There is large gap between demand and supply of fuel so briquetting machine fill that gap and provide abundance source of energy with law cost. So this is energy saving plant.

As this project is renewable in nature so gov. offers 30 to 35 % subsidy on this project. These briquettes can also be used to heat boilers and for cooking purpose also.  And the natural energy source like wood and coal can be preserved. So we can say that briquette plant help us to create green earth and 100& pollution free.

How Briquette Machine Helps In Providing Affordable Energy?

The recycling is the method of using waste materials rather it is household or industrial waste. This recycling is not only help in earning money but also conservatrion of resources on the earth. Therefore, we can say that the recycling is a green technique to reuse, reduce and recycle the waste and getting something best for human as well as environment. Such kind of recycling concept is used in the briquetting machine.

The recycling process used in the biomass briquetting machines is called biomass briquetting. This process make you sure that the recycling of waste materials is done without doing harm to environment. The two kind of waste are bio degradable and non-bio degradable waste. Both type of waste make harm to environment in one or other way. The bio-degradable waste is used for such kind of briquetting process.

Large amount of bio degradable waste like agricultural crop waste, forestry waste and other bio waste like saw dust, etc. are used and recycled. Such biomass waste is being used in briquette plant machines for manufacturing bio briquettes that also help in meeting energy needs of small-scale business and industries. Due to the use of briquettes, such small scale industries can also contribute in saving global economy.

biomassbriquetting plant

The briquetting plant supplier offers the extra-ordinary plant machines through that the large amount of bio waste can be converted to briquettes in short time without need of more labour requirements and binding chemicals. The briquettes have high potential to generate energy compared to any of fuels. Also , with the help of briquetting machine product, the land pollution and erosion is reduced and hence the land fertility can be increased. So, it is the first choice of industries and is become a concern topic for the environmentalist.

Through this green briquetting press technique, the waste which contribute greatly in polluting our environ and land, water or earth, is being used again and energy remain in them utilized safely for the fuelling purpose. Moreover, this whole process of converting and recycling is economical and at last, the affordable energy fuel is supplied to each and every industries and plants where the black coals and other traditional fuels are used. Through the briquetting of waste process, we can get plenty of benefits like, earn profit, contribute in earth saving, get cheap rate fuel for energy, stop deforestation and can stop the global warming by preventing emissions of GHGs.

So, it is our responsibility to save fuel as well as environment for our future. So, be green and make the reuse of waste to create green ambiance. Install the briquetting machine for generating green power in an affordable way.

Briquetting Plants Offer Energy Source That Shrinks Our Carbon Footprint

The biomass briquetting plant product briquette which has become a name that is in the demand in many industries. The briquetting plant offers the sufficient energy density fuel briquettes through which the carbon emissions and other hazardous greenhouse gas production. So, the biomass briquette plant helps in the environment protection through the reducing carbon footprint.

            The main reason behind being the most popular energy fuel manufacturing project is that the briquetting plants convert all the types of trash like woody materials, agricultural waste (sugar canes, groundnut shells, cotton stalks, rice husks, coffee husks, etc.) including with some other constituents like sawdust, jute waste and animal waste. These all bio residues can be used as a source to generate bio-energy in the form of solid fuel briquettes.

Briquetting plants

         The biomass briquetting press is advantageous technology which provides not only eco-friendly but also economical way to get high quality energy source. The way to convert all the solid bio waste in eco-friendly way is called biomass briquetting process and is used to save the globe and global economy. The briquettes are the recycled form of the bio waste materials offer high density and lowest moisture content along with minimum production of ash and CO2.

         The white coal briquettes often identified as the agro-waste briquettes, which are the green fuel manufactured through briquetting press machines from all the agro-bio residues. Hence, they are the green energy source which can balance the eco-system by reducing the carbon footprints and ash from the surroundings. The other advantages of the briquettes being the perfect alternative of the fossil fuels are that they have high solidity, so easy to transport and offer high flammability compared to other fossils.

       These bio briquettes are available at extremely cheap cost than any other solid fuels. Therefore, the biomass briquetting plant product coal briquettes are the most demanded energy source in the industries which can save the environment as well as nation’s global economy.

Effective Energy Utilization through Biomass Briquette Plant

The biomass briquette plant makes proper use of the biomass residues by converting them into the high energetic fuel briquettes. To utilize energy present in the biomass devastate materials, biomass briquetting technology present in the briquette plant is used.

                The biomass briquetting plant provides the eco-friendly way to gain total energy from the biomass residues coming from the agricultural crops and forestry. In other words, the biomass briquette plant is the energy conservative technology which provides solid fuel briquettes from worthless biomass waste materials. So, this technology is helpful in saving energy as well as protecting our global environment from pollution.

BIomass Briquette Plant for energy saving

                In many agricultural based developing nations, the biomass waste materials are generated in ample quantity. Such waste materials cause air and land pollution. Also, the rising traditional fuels prices make people to find the effective energy alternative. So, the need of recycling and reusing the biomass waste materials is raised for the energy future saving. The biomass briquetting technology is the only way to provide such energy alternative at cheaper rate.

                The biomass briquettes are the energy efficient fuel made from the eco-friendly biomass briquette machines. The briquette press machine compresses the biomass waste materials with high pressure and heat. Due to high compression and heat, the biomass residues are combined and make a high density coal briquette which has low moisture content. This whole briquetting process is done without using any type of binding substance or chemicals. So, the biomass briquetting press project is eco-friendly manufacturing project.

            Due to high energy value and low moisture content, the briquettes offer long burning time and easy to burn features. Due to fix shape and size, the bio fuel briquettes are easy to store and transport. Such eco-friendly briquette burns without emitting ash and hazardous gases. So, the main benefit of using briquettes to the industries is that they can earn the carbon credits. Also, the briquettes can save the manufacturing cost of the industrial boiler by increasing boiling efficiency. This coal briquette also used in the household applications in place of wood.

           So, the biomass briquette plant is responsible for providing efficient energy resource and effective energy utilization present in the biomass materials.

Briquette Plant Technology for Making Briquettes

Everyone is aware about the fact that in today’s age, the current supply of the fossil fuels is not able to sustain with the rapidity of the everyday increasing demand for energy. So, it’s a time to think of an alternate source of energy fuels. The biomass briquette plant technology is one of the best alternate energy options available today.

              The people in rural areas and villages use a huge amount of the biomass waste of agro-crops as fuel. To convert such biomass waste in to the high density and highly economical fuel called briquettes, the biomass briquetting plant technology is used. The briquettes are solid fuel made using such eco-friendly briquetting technology, have the ability to offer high energy and other environmental benefits.

Biomass briquette plant technology

               The raw materials needed for manufacturing bio coal briquettes are cotton stalks, cotton flowers, rice husks, coffee husks, groundnut shells, jute waste, cumin waste, pine needles, sawdust, forestry fallen leaves, bark, bagasse, etc. and these materials are available in ample quantity in the agricultural based countries. These biomass materials are compressed under high pressure using the biomass briquette press machine. Such biomass briquette machines do not require any binding material to make the solid white coal briquettes.

             Therefore, the biomass briquetting is the latest binder less technology offering many environmental benefits. The biomass briquettes are nature friendly energy resource which can replace any of the vestige fuels used in the industries and households. The briquettes from the briquette plant are energy efficient fuel having the features like renewable, non-polluting fuel having low moisture and ash content. The higher calorific value with lower greenhouse gas emissions shows the eco-friendly nature of the briquettes.

                By considering such environment benefits, Government supports such green briquette plant technology and provides tax incentives to the briquette plant manufacturer for the first five years. Hence, we can say that the biomass briquetting is the pollution free fuel briquette making technology which also helps in creating clean and healthy environment.

What You Need To Know About Biomass Briquette Plant?

As the renewable bio fuels play a pivotal role in the developing countries, the demand of such fuels is increased day by day. The renewable and pollution free biomass briquette becomes the most demandable energy resource in current market due to its outstanding features. The biomass briquette plant project provides such bio fuel briquettes with high quality. Here are some important facts about biomass briquette plant project:

Biomass Briquette Plant

  • What is biomass briquetting plant?

          The biomass briquetting plant is the eco-friendly project which is used to manufacture high density bio fuel briquettes from any kind of biomass waste like agricultural crop waste and forestry waste.  The biomass briquetting plant project provides the highly economical fuel briquettes to the rural areas in the developing countries at cheaper cost.

  • Where the biomass briquette plant project is viable?

               The project of biomass briquetting press is practically feasible where the huge quantity of the agro-forestry waste or biomass is available. This project is more suitable for the agricultural based countries where the biomass materials are easily available at cheaper cost.

  • Which kind of the raw materials are required for briquettes?

            Any kind of biomass waste from the agro-crops and forestry like cotton stalks, almond shells, groundnut shells, jute waste, tree bark, tea waste, coffee husks, saw dust, rice husks, fallen leaves etc. are suitable for briquetting press machines. The raw materials up to 25 mm size and having low moisture content are directly processed by briquette machines.

  • Why briquetting plant is eco-friendly?

                 The biomass briquette plant is an environment friendly manufacturing procedure which does not require any kind of harmful chemicals for material binding. Also, the briquetting plant manufacturer provides the latest technological briquette machines which manufacture the fuel briquettes without generating ash and greenhouse gas production. So, total briquetting plant project is eco-friendly.

  • What are the advantages of using biomass briquettes compared to coal?
  1. Renewable bio fuel
  2. Cheaper rate
  3. Pollution free as no ash generation while burning
  4. Low moisture content
  5. Having high thermal energy than coal

                Due to such features, many governments provide various financial incentives to the briquetting plant manufacturers. So, support briquette plant to save our environment and our natural resources.

Biomass Briquetting Plant Reduces Environmental Damage

Energy is the prime measurement of any country’s economic growth. The biomass briquette plant project is one of the energy conservation projects that reduce the negative impact of deforestation and pollution caused by fossil fuels by manufacturing an eco-friendly bio fuel briquette from the waste biomass.

To overcome the problem of handling the garbage and biomass residues that are responsible for environmental pollution, biomass briquetting plant is used. Briquetting is the simplest process to reuse and recycle the loose biomass materials in an effective manner. Biomass briquette press is an economical and reliable solution to save the environment along with energy production.

Briquetting process uses the loose biomass materials as raw materials. The organic materials like rice husk, sawdust, jute waste, almond shells, sunflower shells, cotton shells, groundnut shells, forest leaves and tree wood, sugar cane, etc. are densified under high pressure with moderate temperatures. To make biomass briquettes, there is no need of any additional chemical. Hence, the briquette press machines are the green technology to produce a renewable energy resource.

Green briquetting plant technology

The biomass briquette is an alternate of all the fossil fuel. The white coal briquette is a preferable substitute for all types of energy uses starting from cooking to the commercial process heat. The biomass briquetting plant manufacturer support the pollution free manufacturing technology with the primary aim of providing the affordable energy substitute to the customers. The agro-waste briquettes that completely made from the agro waste, reduces the emission of greenhouse gases. Other advantages of using the bio fuel briquettes are as follows:

  • Straightforwardly available raw materials
  • Large density and fix volume
  • Do not need any chemical additive
  • Easy to store and easy to use
  • High combustible bio fuel
  • Affordable and eco-friendly fuel
  • Helps in saving expensive foreign exchange

Though the biomass briquette plant manufacturers are the major contributors of environment saving, the government also provides various subsidies for this eco-friendly business. Hence, start investing in this worthy green technology to stop pollution on the earth.

How To Convert Agro-Waste To Energy Source?

Using the agro-waste materials, a high quality energy fuel can be produced using the biomass briquette plant. The white coal briquettes made from the green residues and waste materials from the agriculture. As the biomass is a multipurpose and versatile energy resource, it becomes the fourth primary energy resource in the world. So, the biomass waste can be easily recycled and managed by the briquetting plant.

briquetting plant

Also, the top most issues in most of the developing nations like handling waste, soil and air pollution due to waste, decreasing the natural resources and increasing pollution through fossil fuels. So, to overcome such kind of the problems, a sole and best technology called biomass briquette plant exists. The technology employed in the briquette plant is known as biomass briquetting. The briquetting machines utilize the agricultural waste materials like cotton flowers and stalks, ground nut shells, bittle nut shells, macoddana bhells, cumin waste, almond shells, castor seed shells etc.. The briquette press machine directly converts all these residues into the energy conservative fuel briquettes. There is no requirement of the binding chemicals in whole briquetting technology.

Depending upon the key quality features of the feedstock, like moisture content, ash content and calorific value, the biomass briquette machine produces the bio fuel briquettes without generating noise and pollutary gases. So, we can say that biomass briquetting plant is the eco-friendly converting technology that turns solid crop-waste into the high quality briquettes. This briquetting plant technology preserves the surrounding and the natural sources of energy like tree wood by generating the pollution free biomass briquettes. High calorific thermal energy value and low ash and moisture content are most important features provided by the biomass briquettes. These characteristics show that the briquettes can easily replace any kind of fossil fuels.

Being the cheapest alternative fuel, the agro-waste briquettes provide the high burning efficiency and less storage and transportation efforts. So, use the briquetting press project to stop the pollution caused through waste and residues and to get high energetic bio fuel like briquette.

Biomass Briquette Plant Is A Key To Save Energy Future

To fulfill the energy requirements, the easy solution is to use biomass briquettes made from the biomass briquette plant. At present, the renewable fuels are in great demand and due to the rising traditional fuel prices leads to think over the renewable and cost-effective alternative energy option to meet the energy demands.

biomass briquette plant is a key to save energy future

                The biomass briquettes manufacture from the agricultural and forestry biomass waste using the briquette press machine are highly energetic bio fuel replaces all the current fuels. As the biomass waste has no more profitable use, so rather than inefficiently burning, they can be converted into a high densified fuel briquette to make them globally usable. The waste materials from agro-crops and forestry are easily available in the huge quantity in many developing countries. So, the biomass briquette plant can control the environmental pollution by  making solid fuel from the trash.

                The biomass briquette plant is a “nature friendly technology” to produce an economically feasible energy resource called agro-waste briquettes. As briquettes are made from the natural residues without using any kind of chemical, it does not cause any harm to our climate while burning. Due to briquetting plants, many problems like soil erosion, pollution of air, waste management, etc. are decreased. Also, the considerable thing is that along with these advantages, biomass briquettes generates more energy than any other fuel or energy resource while burning. Hence, many industries prefer to use this green fuel instead of coal.

                The biomass briquettes are eco-friendly as they do not produce ash and harmful gas emissions like Co2, sulfur and phosphor. So, the eco-cycle of the nature remains balanced by using the fuel briquettes. This renewable and sustainable briquette can be used in the industrial boilers for gasification, heat and electrical energy production. Also, we can use the biomass briquettes in our daily life for cooking and heating purposes. So, use the renewable fuel manufacturing project called biomass briquette plant project for future saving purpose.

Replace Fossil Fuels With The Help Of Briquette Plant Fuels

The fossil fuel pollutes our environment by one or more ways. Also, there is a shortage of the natural resources and fossil fuels. So, there is a need of renewable resource which can be globally used as a fuel for all kinds of thermal applications. The biomass briquette plant is used to generate such renewable fuel that replaces all the vestige fuels.biomass briquettes

The biomass briquetting plant is the energy efficient technology that offers the highest quality energy source briquette that has too many advantages as compared to non-conventional fuels. The fuel brickets are made from the non-profitable and loose biomass waste and residues of agro-crops. In the high pressure and temperature conditions, the bio-waste and residues are combined without using any binding element or chemical in the briquette press machine. The briquette manufacturing technology supports contamination free production of the conservative energy resource briquette. So, both briquette and its manufacturing project or we can say that briquette plant is nature friendly.

Nowadays, the biomass briquette becomes the most wanted and demanded energy resource due to its impressive features. Some important advantages of using the white coal briquettes are as follows:

  •  Consistent & Reliable quality
  •  Best burning efficiency
  •  No left out of fly ash while burning
  •  Simple usage and handling
  •  No sulfur or phosphor content
  •  Uniform combustion
  •  Cheaper than other fuels

Due to these awesome characteristics, the biomass briquettes are found in many industries. The ready applications of the green fuel biomass briquettes involve the industries like food processing industries, solvent extraction plants, brick kiln and ceramic industries, refractory industries, milk and sugar plants, paper plants, textile and dyeing units, biomass based power plants, lamination and leather industries, chemical industries, etc. Hence, the fuel briquettes have a great demandable future because of its two splendid features, one is renewable and second is pollution free. So, we can conclude that the biomass briquettes have an ability to replace all the traditional fuels.