Briquetting Plant – An Eco Friendly Energy Solution

Biomass briquetting plant is the eco friendly energy solution to solve all environmental issues like global warming, CO2 emissions, environmental degradation etc… Biomass waste or agro forestry waste are compressed into briquette machine and produce high energy concentrated bio fuel briquettes without adding any binder in the process.

Biomass briquette plant uses Agricultural waste like groundnut shells, almond shells, cumin waste, tea husk, rice husk etc… as raw materials and feed into biomass briquette press under high chemical pressure and temperature and turn into briquettes without using any binder in the process. So It is known as binder less technology and briquettes called white coal briquettes.

Today, biomass is that the new supply of energy and utilized in numerous industries for its own functions. Briquetting project is growing in demand because of its surroundings friendly aspects that helps in protecting atmosphere from pollution and heating.

briquette press machine

Today, with the approaching from biomass briquetting press it’s possible to form use of waste and build associate in nursing alternate provide of fuel that’s understood as bio-fuel. It’s gathered from biomass and convention fuel because of that the habituation on high-ticket fuel has lessened. Biomass briquettes are generally utilized in spinning mills, animal product trade, rubber trade, ceramic units, brick kilns, milk and dairy plant, textile mills and geographic point trade.

According to environmentalists, this fuel generated from wastes may be a pleasant provide of monetary gain for poor farmers Republic of India as a results of this nation still lives in villages. The farmers can earn an honest gain from cotton stalks, groundnut shells and different agricultural wastes. Some Indian villages still do not have electricity and board darkness thus energy could also be created with the help of briquetting plant makers.

As an example, elephantine BRQ generates high volume of fine quality stuff in powder kind through its hammer mill that’s extra processed to form biomass briquettes. It’s been designed to administer most output, with a crucial body and traditional structure.

Energy Saving & Environment Friendly Biomass Briquette Plant

With the increasing demand of energy we need to think about new alternative source which fulfil this large demand and able to meet future need also. So briquette plant manufacturer present a modern technique which provide maximum energy with low cost. Yes briquetting machine through we can make briquettes which are non-polluting in nature and contains more burning efficiency than coal and other traditional source of energy.  Briquettes are made from loose biomass like agricultural waste and forestry waste like dry leaves and coconut shell. Any type of agricultural waste we can use in biomass briquetting machine.

All the agricultural waste is collected and compressed under high pressure without using ash so it is binder less technology to make briquettes. As briquette is ecological so it is also known as white coal. We get loose biomass in our daily life but this loose biomass contains low bulk density so we cannot move it from one place o another place but briquette machine convert this low density material into high density briquettes.  These briquettes are easy to store and very easy to pack.

briquetting machine

The traditional source like coal and lignite is near to end and in this modern era it is very difficult to run any activity without fuel. There is large gap between demand and supply of fuel so briquetting machine fill that gap and provide abundance source of energy with law cost. So this is energy saving plant.

As this project is renewable in nature so gov. offers 30 to 35 % subsidy on this project. These briquettes can also be used to heat boilers and for cooking purpose also.  And the natural energy source like wood and coal can be preserved. So we can say that briquette plant help us to create green earth and 100& pollution free.