Biomass Briquettes Through Make Efficient Use Of Agro-residues

In order to achieve more efficient reuse of agro-residues, it is necessary to give them density and pressure so that one can make them into solid pieces of definite shape and high quality thermal value. This type of process is done in the Briquetting plants that makes biomass briquettes from the agro-residues.

bimass briquettes

Briquette plant is one of the compaction technologies that recycles the agro-residues into high density biofuel briquettes. This manufacturing technology is the cost effective as agro-residues are free or of low cost, homegrown and serve as an abundant source of energy. These residues are bulky, low in combustion and release smoke while burning. The direct burning of these residues, in domestic and industrial applications is inefficient and wasteful. Also, this direct burning leads to wide scale air pollution and other greenhouse effects. Hence, the need arises to put them to efficient use is essential. This process is carried out by the Briquetting plant manufacturer.

The main objective of the briquetting press manufacturer is to make briquettes from agro-residues and use them to generate thermal heat and power in the industries. The agro-residues like groundnut shells, jute waste, cumin waste, castor husk, rice husk, sunflower stalks, almond shells, coffee or tea waste, etc. can be bracketed into the solid bio fuel. Hence, the biomass briquettes are also known as agro waste briquettes. Therefore, the Briquetting plant is the renewable energy technology that makes proper utilization of agricultural waste and residues by converting them into biofuel.

The simplest technology of biomass Briquetting plant that makes the agro-residues reusable and turns them into the renewable energy product briquettes. Jumbo 90 briquette machine in the Briquetting plant processes all kinds of the agro-residues and applies high pressure on it to make white coal briquettes. This is the green technology to manufacture briquettes without any chemical. This briquette press produces such kind of bio briquettes which does not produce much smoke and poisonous emissions. And this type of biofuels is used in too many industries for the heating purpose in boilers. Hence, biomass Briquetting technology has a great deal on keeping the environment balancing by converting agro-residues into a dense biofuel.