Biomass Briquetting Plant Is an Energy Conservative Plant

The manufacturing of the bio fuel briquettes is one of the energy conventional projects that grow potentially all over the world. This becomes more popular only because briquetting plant is the recycling process of the agro waste and other residues. Hence, biomass briquettes are also called agro waste briquettes.

Briquettes are manufactured from the mixture of wet paste of forest waste, agro waste and industrial waste in order to achieve high flammable and more energetic biomass briquettes. In Briquetting plants, the wastages are mixed with high pressure without any component that can work as a binder. Hence, it is chemical free manufacturing process which produces energy without causing any harm to the environment. Also, briquetting press machine reduces the garbage that is not useful anywhere.

Energy saving briquetting plant

By considering all the advantages of this biomass briquetting plant, the application of the bio coal briquettes is also increased as compared to the ordinary black coal. Briquettes which are made in the briquetting machine with latest technology is having some special characteristics like, high calorific value, low ash content, produce more energy, high combustion ratio, less power required for production, pollution free process etc. the briquetting plant manufacturing process is less expensive process as it does not require any expensive pollution control equipment as this process does not omit any harmful sulfur or phosphor or any carbonic waste or chemical to the atmosphere.

Uses of biomass briquettes which are made from the briquetting plants are exponentially increasing in many industries to produce high power and in many boilers to generate the heat. In industries like sugar mills, textiles and spinning mills, chemical plants, drying house, paper mills, etc. briquettes are in high demand. Also in household applications like to prepare food and to produce heat, the white coal briquettes are more preferable as it produce less smoke than black coal. So biomass briquetting press is the more energy producing environment friendly production plant.